Being Nostalgic

This is a topic that I am incredibly passionate about. I think it is sooo important for us all to have memories of our lives. Photographs help us all remember the memories that have slipped our minds. I love being able to look at an old photo and actually be able to remember what I was thinking or feeling in that moment! They are that powerful! I understand that many of us may have had some down points in our lives but by being aware of those memories you can appreciate the time in your life that is much more positive. Or maybe you are going through a tough time in your life right now. Looking back at a time when you were once really happy can help you realize that it is possible to be happy once again since you already were before. Maybe you are stressing out too much and you need a break. Just look at a few photographs of yourself as a child and remember that feeling of being so carefree and happy. Put yourself in that place again and give yourself the time to do that! Photos also help me remember family and friends and how they made me feel! Below are some old photos which I scanned to share with you all! Another thing I am passionate about is reminding people of how important albums and prints are!! Nothing beats sitting down on the couch and actually holding that specific photograph or album that means sooo much to you as opposed to seeing it on a computer screen. For me it just feels like I'm closer to that old moment. Soon enough everything will be digitalized and all your photos will be stored on your computer or somewhere on the internet. My biggest fear is for someone to not back-up those files OR even worse the internet crashing one day and we lose all of those memories! Technology is advancing really quickly and it really is great in many ways but I think certain things should stay the same forever, like having tangible photos you can touch feel and flip through and keep by your heart forever. I know I definitely want my future kids and grand kids experience looking at photos the way I have!


I was born in Uppsala, Sweden. My parents always told me they had the most beautiful winters there. It's nice to see what they saw!


I guess I wasn't too hungry here!! Haha I love how peaceful and happy my mom looks here.


LOVE this one of my parents taking a walk with me in Sweden.


Haha!! Grandpa and I sleeping exactly the same!!


Whenever there was no more food to eat, I always put my arms out to the side and said "no more", or "nie ma" in polish.


This photo brings me sooo much joy! The sun is shining, I look so happy and so does my dad :)


I remember this picture day sooo well! I was 4 and it was my first picture day. I was so nervous but the photographer knew how to make me smile I guess :)


This photograph means so much to me. My dad told me that once I learned how to ride my bike he would ride on it IN PUBLIC - haha my little pink bike. This was the day I was finally sucessful and he kept his word :) Made me laugh sooo much.


In the summer mom and I used to have watermelon nights on the balcony. I think I'm chewing in this pic lol.


My 8th birthday :) Terrible farmers tan!


I remember having a crush on this boy and i was trying to impress him here by doing chin-ups LOLL


My parents used to always take me for nature walks at High Park in Toronto. How I loved it so much! It was my big paradise of animals, sticks and rocks to play with and playgrounds. :)


Lastly, here is a photo of my mom and me when I was 10 :)

More nostalgic photos to come in the future :)