Toronto Wedding Photographer / Forks of the Credit / Jennifer, Tony & Nimbus

I'm sitting at the airport about to board the plane. I'm leaving for Jamaica today to photograph Chelsey + Doug's wedding at The Royalton White Sands resort in Montego Bay! I am just so thankful to be able to do what I love. Of course it took so much hard work to get to this point...investing thousands of dollars in my business, choosing to stay in and research how to grow my business instead of hanging out with friends, living and breathing photography..and that's about it..all together cumulating to I'd say thousands of hours. But guess what, some hours I have cried and was overwhelmed by how much hard work it took, but most flew by because I was doing what makes me happy :) Anyway, back to the main topic! I'm so excited to share with you Jennifer & Tony's couple session with their doggy Nimbus. Yes I said couple session! I'm soo thrilled that these two wanted to capture their love as it is now even though they are not engaged. They are high school sweethearts though :) Enjoy!

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