Destination Wedding Photographer / Wedding in Jamaica - Royalton White Sands / Chelsey + Doug

WOW, what can I say about Chelsey + Doug's Wedding.. SO MUCH! First off, they decided to get hitched on the beautiful island of Jamaica at The Royalton White Sands Resort in Montego Bay. With Chelsey owning her own personal training business and Doug working as a coach at Golf Club, their busy summer wasn't an option for them for their wedding. Winter didn't really suit them either, so a destination wedding was the perfect solution for them! Amazingly enough, they had about 50-something family and friends join them on their journey. What a great turn out for a destination wedding! It really speaks volumes about their friends and family. Being there for a short while (4 days), I felt so welcomed and appreciated! I was overwhelmed at how close this group was and how free spirited everyone was (I LOVE free-spirited people!!) :). All this happened in the first couple hours of me arriving at the resort the day before their wedding. As an example, one of the bridesmaids organized a scrapbook for Chelsey called "Letters to the Bride" (SUCH an amazing idea!! Look into it if you are a bridesmaid!!). In there were scrapbook pages oozing with memories and letters from those closest to her. The waterworks were intense and it was just so beautiful to witness that moment as she slowly read through each letter and shared laughs about memories staring right at her from this beautiful book. I was already thrilled to photograph their wedding the next day, but in that moment, I felt as though I had gotten a special glimpse into their lives and felt so honored to be able to document their story the next day.

Just as expected their wedding day was filled with so much laughter and emotion. There were so many favorite moments of mine such as Chelsey's dad seeing her for the first time (i teared up), Doug seeing Chelsey for the first time as she walks towards him down the aisle (i teared up), and the amazing speeches that I had the privilege of listening to (i teared up...a lot!). But I think my favorite moment of all was when it started to drizzle rain and I had just started to photograph Chelsey + Doug on their own by the beach. I said "ok guys are you ok being out in this rain!?". Not for one second did they second guess just being in the moment and going with it. Chelsey was barefoot and her dress was dragging in the sand while it was sprinkling rain and I thought to myself, this girl knows what its about! I love it! They laughed and played through the whole thing. It warmed my heart :) Thanks to their wonderful attitudes I was able to quickly capture some fun, fresh, and organic photographs of them and every second was like a dream to me :)

Their wedding was also featured inΒ Beach Bride!

Sarunia Photography-1816

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I think having a balance between some relaxed casual photos and wedding photos is important so the next day we just took 30 mins to play and get some relaxed images of just them two on the beach :)

Sarunia Photography-5082Sarunia Photography-5159Sarunia Photography-5191Sarunia Photography-5219Sarunia Photography-5180Sarunia Photography-5298Sarunia Photography-5302Sarunia Photography-5311Sarunia Photography-5329Sarunia Photography-5336Sarunia Photography-5359Sarunia Photography-5363Sarunia Photography-5373Sarunia Photography-5422