Live free! Do what YOU want =)

This piece by Anice Jewellery represents my journey of following my heart and deciding to make my dream into a reality, which is having my own photography business as my career and being able to travel the world because of it as well! It's definitely a lot harder than I thought to start your own business, but it's soooooooooooooooooo worth all the time, energy and money I invested! I'm so grateful :) PhotoGrid_1401213337722



When Anice created this she was inspired by one of those hanging bridges in the jungle. Each step you see on the piece is a different part of my journey in my life and growing my business. The words on each step starting from the beginning are: Journey ~ Dream ~ Chance ~ Risk ~ Brave ~ Future ~ Obstacle ~ Try ~ Overcome ~ Dare ~ Wild ~ Free! :)



That last word is so fitting because my ultimate goal is to feel free in life and do what I want whenever I want, as much as possible of course. I know that all changes with kids! - lol. I like setting my own schedule and not feeling stuck in a job. I could not picture having a 9-5, not being able to make my own choices, having a set routine, only having 3 weeks vacay in 1 year, hating Mondays, saying TGIF...But that's just me personally. What about you? Do you like that lifestyle? Having a routine and looking forward to weekends? Or would you prefer to be more free?

The way you live each day is the way you live your life!

I want to be happy every day whether I'm working or not! If you are reading this and are saying to, i want that too!!, then do it! Start the journey to do what you love. Chase your dreams.ย The money will follow trust me! Passion is contagious, and people will love supporting a happy and passionate person. If you go after what you love, that's what you'll be, happy and so will everyone else around you!

Take Anice for example. She does what she loves, owns her own boutique in Kensington Market, creates pieces SHE loves and that speak to HER. Because she is true to herself, she creates really unique jewellery and people are drawn and connected to it, just have to have it. It's a beautiful thing :) She created this piece a while before I ever came into her shop. It was just sitting there waiting for the perfect person to connect to it. Then one day I came in and i felt like it represented my journey perfectly! I literally felt emotional towards it - lol.



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