Destination Wedding Photographer / Engagement Shoot in Cuba / Kaitlyn & Vince

WOW. What can I say..I am honestly overwhelmed with gratitude and this warm fuzzy feeling inside my heart that my dream is my reality! This was the first destination engagement session I've done and I was in love with every second of it! Me, Agnes (best friend and best assistant EVER), Kaitlyn and Vince took an awesome cuban taxi to the main strip in Varadero, Cuba just 15 miuntes away from Iberostar Laguna Azul where we stayed. What better way to do an engagement session than to just explore another country and take advantage of the culture, colors, textures, and golden rays of light it has to offer!? Kaitlyn and Vince did great! I told them to treat the session as if it's just a date they are on, and if I need something from them, I'll let them know. They did not hold back, and that's why the pictures turned out the way they did. Epic :) Their session was also featured in Beach Bride!

Cuba Engagement Session-2527Cuba Engagement Session-2535Cuba Engagement Session-2611Cuba Engagement Session-2628Cuba Engagement Session-2653Cuba Engagement Session-2715Cuba Engagement Session-2727Cuba Engagement Session-2748Cuba Engagement Session-2807Cuba Engagement Session-2908Cuba Engagement Session-2940This place had THE BEST Pina Colada I've ever tasted!!

Cuba Engagement Session-2971Cuba Engagement Session-3026Cuba Engagement Session-2998Cuba Engagement Session-3007Cuba Engagement Session-3075Cuba Engagement Session-3047Cuba Engagement Session-2850Cuba Engagement Session-2858Cuba Engagement Session-2891Cuba Engagement Session-3094Cuba Engagement Session-3125Cuba Engagement Session-3147Cuba Engagement Session-3136Cuba Engagement Session-3149Cuba Engagement Session-3158Cuba Engagement Session-3162Cuba Engagement Session-3163Cuba Engagement Session-3173Cuba Engagement Session-3220Cuba Engagement Session-3194Cuba Engagement Session-3234Cuba Engagement Session-3254Cuba Engagement Session-3251Cuba Engagement Session-3256Cuba Engagement Session-3263Cuba Engagement Session-3273Cuba Engagement Session-3297Cuba Engagement Session-3299Cuba Engagement Session-3302Cuba Engagement Session-3307Cuba Engagement Session-3315Cuba Engagement Session-3319Cuba Engagement Session-3337Cuba Engagement Session-3343Cuba Engagement Session-3351Cuba Engagement Session-3381Cuba Engagement Session-3479Cuba Engagement Session-3487BWCuba Engagement Session-3491BWCuba Engagement Session-3497BWCuba Engagement Session-3424Cuba Engagement Session-3453Below are some behind the scenes shots taken by Agnes <3

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