Beginner Photography Workshop - Behind the Scenes!

I'm excited to share with you all a behind the scenes peak at my first ever workshop which I hosted this past Sunday! First off, thanks so much to Agnes Wywrot for taking some behind the scenes pictures of me interacting with my "students" :) I was really nervous right before the workshop because I didn't want to let the girls down and not be able to explain things simply to them! I knew everything I was going to teach them since it's now second nature to me, I just didn't know if I was good at explaining information. I planned for some more time to explain ISO, Aperture, Shutter speed, but the girls got the hang of it so quickly I even got to skip a few slides and teach them some bonus things :)

I fell in love with hosting workshops! You will definitely see me announce a couple throughout the year. I will probably focus on photography workshops for beginnersΒ for the time being. Maybe sometime in the future I'll create a more intermediate workshop!

Beginner Photography Workshop-5389Beginner Photography Workshop-5397Beginner Photography Workshop-5418Beginner Photography Workshop-2244We popped some champagne - the cork literally went flying and scared us all! lol - to celebrate :)

Beginner Photography Workshop-2238

The girls practicing some close up shots with their new found knowledge on how to use their camera on Manual!!

Beginner Photography Workshop-5436

We walked over to an area near my house so I could do some hands on teaching on how to use your camera on Manual and use lighting to make your images POP!

Beginner Photography Workshop-5456

This pictures makes me laugh - lol. This look isn't too flattering on all of us haha.Beginner Photography Workshop-5462Beginner Photography Workshop-5536Beginner Photography Workshop-5494

Below are some photos I got of Ena :)Beginner Photography Workshop-2283Beginner Photography Workshop-2323Beginner Photography Workshop-5541Beginner Photography Workshop-2343Beginner Photography Workshop-5586

Some more photos I got of Ena while the girls were practicing :)Beginner Photography Workshop-2339Beginner Photography Workshop-2347Beginner Photography Workshop-2348Beginner Photography Workshop-2379Beginner Photography Workshop-5619Beginner Photography Workshop-5628Beginner Photography Workshop-5444Beginner Photography Workshop-5445Beginner Photography Workshop-2397Beginner Photography Workshop-2423Beginner Photography Workshop-5713Beginner Photography Workshop-5765Beginner Photography Workshop-5768Beginner Photography Workshop-5774Beginner Photography Workshop-2491Beginner Photography Workshop-2469Beginner Photography Workshop-5798Beginner Photography Workshop-5799Beginner Photography Workshop-5803Beginner Photography Workshop-5806

Here are some of the pictures the girls took! First up is Kristin!

Beginner Photography Workshop-5608


And here is Ula and her favorites!

Beginner Photography Workshop-5625IMG_6597IMG_6572IMG_6645IMG_6453IMG_6550

And last but not least, here is Jenn and her photos!

Beginner Photography Workshop-5511IMG_2432 (2)IMG_2433 (2)IMG_2457 (2)IMG_2471 (2)IMG_2474 (2)

You ladies all did sooooo well! Exceeded my expectations! You helped make the workshop more fun than I expected too :) <3

Beginner Photography Workshop-5789Beginner Photography Workshop-5795Beginner Photography Workshop-5796Beginner Photography Workshop-2522GTA & Worldwide Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer