How Life should be Lived Everyday! =)

This video and song literally gives me chills and makes me feel so happy! It definitely helps how they decided to film it because it seems as though the whole video is viewed from your perspective! Super cool!

I believe that everyone can live this lifestyle if they want. It's just a matter of choosing experiences over possessions, or having a lot of money, but either way it's possible!

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I'm striving for a lifestyle full of feeling free and exploring the world. :) It's definitely starting for me!

In a couple of weeks I'm road tripping with my friend Agnes to Colorado for a week and a half! We have figured out a way to barter our photography services for a place to stay overnight and food with a couple different people/families we've never met before! This saves us sooo much money on food and accommodations and we get to connect with locals! :) We plan to hike A LOT, ride bikes through trails and mountains, camp, meet new people, go out on the town and party and just mainly go with the flow and see what life has to offer :)

whybailbondsdenverImage from Google Images

THEN, in August I'm literally home for 5 days because I'm travelling so much! Yay! In the first week of August I'm photographing a destination wedding in Almond Beach, Barbados which I'm super excited for since I've never been there before! :) I'm going down for 4 days and 3 nights.

28620_88_zAlmond Beach, Barbados - image from google images

August 12th I leave for Switzerland, Germany and Poland with my boyfriend Mike for 3 weeks!! We originally were going to only go to Poland to visit family, but we've never really traveled (off the beaten path) together before (other than 1 all inclusive vacay) so we thought we should definitely explore Europe some more together while we are there! I'm suppperr excited! We booked our own apartment in the centre of Zurich, Switzerland for 4 days and it's only 12 minutes away fro the airport. What's even better is that it only cost us $168 to book it on Airbnb!! And we have the WHOLE apartment to ourselves. So sweet :)

zurich1Zurich, Swizterland - image from google images8397958284_14cce796bd_zBaden Baden, Germany - image from google images1331555909_Gdansk-PolandGdansk, Poland - image from google images

I'm just so excited about all the adventures I have coming up that I just had to share! This is another good video and song! It's so LIFE :) Have a look and jam away (just like I've been doing all night last night while editing =P).

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