Melissa & Eric's Piney River Ranch,Colorado Couples Session!

It has definitely always been my dream to photograph a madly in love couple in or near mountains, in a canoe, and around birch trees. I got all 3 in this one session in Colorado at Piney River Ranch!! How lucky am I!? It was all thanks to Monique from Piney River Ranch that all this was made possible! She let me shoot way past their closing time and even let me take out 2 canoes for the shoot! I was sooo amazed by the hospitality and the good energy I felt at that place. It's definitely a dream location for a wedding! Not only because of the beautiful views, but also the people who run Piney River Ranch. They put out such good vibes :)

I'm also so thankful for Melissa & Eric for being so adventurous during the session and up for anything I asked them to do! This included hiking up a very grassy and steep hill in their sandals, running, and getting in and out of canoes a couple of times =P These pictures wouldn't of turned out so amazing if A. You two weren't up for all that and B. You weren't so OBVIOUSLY IN LOVE =) So thanks guys!!<3

Also, while on this road trip in ColoradoΒ whichΒ I took with Agnes, we decided to not plan so much on where we were going to sleep some nights and be up for the adventure of meeting people and crashing at their place! We really wanted to see what it would be like to do that and if any unique experiences would come out of it! When Melissa and Eric asked what we were up to after the session, I mentioned that we were going to figure out where to stay overnight. As soon as I said that, they invited us to stay at their place! It takes a spontaneous and open couple to do something like that and we were sooo grateful! It was really neatΒ to see an apartment in Colorado and to see what a couple does after I photograph them which is shocker...cook some food and relax together before going to sleep :) Oh how I LOVE spontanious adventures, even little ones like crashing at someone's place. It just makes me think differently and feel alive!

So enjoy these pictures of these two lovebirds at Piney River Ranch!!


Behind the Scenes!! =)

Thanks Agnes Wywrot for capturing these <3 You can view her blog HERE! Visit it! Piney-River-Ranch-Colorado-Engagement-25Piney-River-Ranch-Colorado-Engagement-28Piney-River-Ranch-Colorado-Engagement-29Piney-River-Ranch-Colorado-Engagement-31Piney-River-Ranch-Colorado-Engagement-79Piney-River-Ranch-Colorado-Engagement-112

haha sooo happy here!! =)


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