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WOW. Did I ever have a blast photographing Kristen & Siya's bohemian forest wedding! Dream come true!! It was a combination of shooting it barefoot (since the bride was barefoot!!), being surrounded by free-spirited loving people, nature, the unique decor, loving speeches, energetic dancing, and of course the special connection that Kristen & Siya share. Just unbelievable! One of the bridesmaids describes their love as something more intense than soulmates. I have never heard that before in my life, but TOTALLY understood what she meant. You feel it in the energy when you are around them. Between them all there is is pure love and acceptance of one another and no judgement. Their relationship really inspired me to think twice about how I act in my own relationships. You two taught me so much and I love you two :) Enjoy the photographs below and some comments as I walk you through parts of their day!

P.S. If you are into travelling (but really..who isn't?) you HAVE TO check out Kristen's blog, Hopscotch the Globe and YOUTUBE channel. She is an amazingly talented travel vlogger as well as an actress. She is so  real and entertaining and I always find myself smiling after I watch her videos =) You can LIKE her Facebook page HERE.

Their wedding was held at their families property in Ganaraska Forest. They are authors of the Fiction/Adventure series: Rise of the Prince and also operate an Inspirational Center: DASHTA Moments.  They work with individuals and small groups to guide them in their pursuit of an authentic life.  Their peaceful and calm environment is an ideal setting for people to discover who they really are, through self-inquiry and awareness of the world around them. For more information click HERE!


All of this beautiful decor you see here is the result of all their friends and family getting crafty and creating it for them! Not only was the final result so unique and beautiful, but also very meaningful to Kristen & Siya. I love that sooo much!enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-515enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2116enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1693enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2591enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1343enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1733

Kristen's bridesmaids seeing her dress AND Kristen in her dress for the first time! How adorable is the reaction! enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1942enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-900enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-67enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1084enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-341

I LOVE that Kristen was barefoot<3 (and that I got to photograph the whole wedding barefoot!!)enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-409enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1296enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-480enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-987enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1901enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1369enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1135enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1929enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-412enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2383enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1319enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2327enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2735enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-364

Before the ceremony began, all the guests had a peaceful silent moment to take in the energy and the sounds of the nature around us in order to be present for the ceremony. It was beautiful. Instead of hearing others talking or being distracted by phones, we heard birds chirping, the wind, and flowing water in the creek nearby. This moment transitioned straight into some serene, eclectic music as Siya walked down the aisle to take his place!


Kristen and Siya requested that the ceremony be unplugged, meaning no picture taking and phones away. Every single couple should do this!!! All the guests were more present, and Kristen didn't walk through a crowd of paparazzi!enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-881enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2656enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-43

Right before they exchanged rings, they had what they called a "warming of the rings". I LOVED THIS!! Each of the bridal party members held the rings and projected good wishes and positive energy onto the rings.enchanted-bohemian-forest-wedding-401enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1611enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2677enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-727enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1300enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2712enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2004enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2205enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2782enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2312enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-26enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-10_DSC3968enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1168enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-737enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2446enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2471enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-939enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2110enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2465enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-589

Siya's family is multicultural so they threw in some Persian music and dancing as well as a Jewish hora!! LOVED IT!!enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1453enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-695enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2324enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-514enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2612enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1571enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-85

Near the end of the night, couples and families each got a lantern that they could release into the night sky along with a wish, something that is done in Thailand quite often. It was seriously SUCH a beautiful sight!enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2051enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1847enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1423enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2230

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annnnd some Behind the Scenes :)enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-221enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-2090enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-1290enchanted-boho-forest-wedding-33

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