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As soon as I arrived at Almond Beach Resort in Barbados, I was soo excited because it was time to photograph Marie & Matt's sunset engagement session on the beach! I took one look at the beach and was automatically so inspired. I had them snuggling up to each other, frolicking in the water, and they even suggested going on paddle boards together! How adventurous. Loved it! :) In 2 days, these two were going to be getting married outdoors on the beach and I loved being able to photograph one of their last days as an engaged couple! For these two, everything is better when they are together. Marie & Matt are photographers as well (MM Fotografie), and I felt so special that they chose ME to photograph their love in Barbados! They also made me feel so welcome to hang out with their friends and family while I was there and I got to meet some amazing people! Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-142-2

This was the spot they would usually end up hanging out each night, so I love the sentimentality behind these photos!Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-36-2Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-37-2Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-42-2Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-47Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-50Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-54Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-58-2Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-59-2Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-61-2Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-63Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-65-2Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-68Look at that


They have matching tattoos of their dog's name :)Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-140Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-71Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-89Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-90-2Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-92-2Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-98-2Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-108

It was so hilarious watching them try to balance on the board together for this one shot! They did it though! I love that they just kept on trying and trying and didn't give up :)Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-112-2Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-104Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-114Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-115-2Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-117Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-122Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-125-2Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-128-2Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-131-2Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-132Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-133-2Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-134-2Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-135Almond-Beach-Barbados-Wedding-137-2

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