Sara & Rory!

I made a list. A long one at that. 39 things, of what I wanted and needed in my life partner. My best friend. My team mate. The one I wanted to experience the highs and lows of life with, together. The one that was open minded, up for adventures, driven, honest, passionate, romantic, thoughtful. The one I could communicate openly with and not feel judged, and most importantly, the one who made me feel free and supported my wildest dreams. I craved someone who I'd share a strong emotional, mental, physical & spiritual connection with.

A couple weeks later, there he was standing right in front of me and I didn't even know it. As we spent more and more time together connecting, it became more and more clear that my dream guy has manifested himself right in front of me. I used to have this vision of my dream guy floating around in my head. I feel as though he traveled from my mind and into my reality. JACKPOT! I am soooo lucky to have Rory in my life. What's even more amazing, is that he feels the exact same way about me :)

It's the way he randomly picks me up and swings me around to dance. the way he is vulnerable with me and always shares what's on his mind, the way his thoughts and emotions flow through my lips and into my heart when he kisses me, the way he prioritizes being active and eating healthy, the way he is driven, sets goals in his life, and achieves them, the way he is goofy with me and can take a prank, but also prank my ass back! haha the way he offers to massage me after a long day, and the way he can be structured, but also live spontaneously. and the list goes on and on and on...



Soo now that you have an idea of how HAPPY I am and you got to know Rory a little better, I'm soo excited to say that WE APPLIED TO BE ON THE AMAZING RACE CANADA! :) I have always craved to get onto a show like that, and I finally found the right person to share the experience with! We are both super competitive, adventurous, motivated and goofy. This would be so much fun if we got on! We had a blast putting this video together (none of us have put together a video before so it's our first!) and are so excited to share it with you yayy!! :)

Here is our audition video for The Amazing Race Canada 3!! They will start calling people for further auditions in December! Let us know what you think in the comment box below!

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Soooo what did you think!? :)