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Feeling a little sentimental today? Yup so am I. Looking back at this year, damn, I am so lucky. I get invited into people's homes, their private and quiet moments, and their hearts. My heart gets full when I'm in a space filled with love, nostalgia and positive energy. I want to share this energy with you today. Here's a glimpse of what I get to be around. outdoor-wedding-photographer-gta-108

She slowly walked down the stairs to him in her wedding dress. Something that has been a tradition on special occasions for years. Maybe he realized that this will be the last time he gets to have this moment with her, and he held her tight.


A dear childhood friend taking in some words from the bride's heart to hers.


Yolanda, pregnant on her wedding day was extra emotional. Her best friend was there to comfort her <3

Cambium Farms - Country - Wedding--

Her dad realizing that his little girl is all grown up and this day marks the start of a new chapter in both of their lives. In this moment, he knows he has to set her free.


Ashley seeing herself in her dress for the first time. What a beautiful quiet, but significant moment.


He gave such a heartwarming speech that she ran out of her seat into her father's arms so he could hold and comfort her.

Royalton White Sands-Jamaica-Wedding--

Doug trying to hold back the tears as he sees Chelsey for the first time walking towards him..

Royalton White Sands-Jamaica-Wedding1

..and the look of a proud father, so happy to see his daughter beaming <3


Grandma waiting for the ceremony to begin.


I could not help but photograph this couple as they were dancing the night away. You can just feel their positive energy and it's so full of love and acceptance. Beautiful.


Yup. It down poured during Matt & Marie's ceremony, but the way they accepted it and kept smiling through, made it romantic.


The way everyone is soaked but yet so present in the moment and happy for Matt & Marie! Wow, that is what life is about <3

Royalton White Sands-Jamaica-Wedding-

I love how expressive Chelsey was! She was so damn excited to marry her man :)


Playing peek-a-boo with this little guy as he's getting dressed for the wedding.


Funnily, his comfort when all eyes are on him - hehe.


"Excuse me. Can I take a picture of you two?" is what this kid said. Way to take charge buddy! He wasn't even a guest at the wedding - haha.


This...just melts my heart.


Iwona and her mom having a moment of excitement together. "This is happening!"


None of her friends have seen the dress she bought. When I told them they could all open the door and finally see it, ON HER, this is what happened :)


..and again. :)


Their passionate embrace after seeing each other for the first time.


That must be such a great feeling. Walking off with your love, which you just exchanged romantic vows with, and seeing all the familiar faces so happy for you.


I'm crazy about how every one in this picture just went for being who they are. Thanks to those free-spirited attitudes, this is a very accurate portrait of this group's dynamic!

Royalton White Sands-Jamaica-Wedding

What's a wedding without some dranks? These guys decided to start they day off chillin with some beers in a hot tub! LOVE IT!


Similarly, the bride chose to flask it as she was getting ready! :)


Guests that hang out during cocktail hour in a hammock, amazeballs :)

Cambium Farms - Country - Wedding

Jessica & Andrew had an epic entrance at their wedding at Cambium Farms...

Cambium Farms - Country - Wedding-

...Then the bridal party returned the favor and totally wrapped a speech!


Kristen & Siya chose to fuse different traditions into their wedding since Siya has a multicultural background AND they love to experience different cultures. Here's Kristen during the hora! Looks like so much fun! I'm definitely going to have a hora at my wedding even though I'm not Jewish! :)


Just WOW. Kristen & Siya surprised all their guests with these thai lantern. Everyone got to make a wish and release one into the night sky. I had goosebumps.

Tell me, what was/would be your favorite moment of your wedding day!? This can help me keep my eyes peeled even more :) Comment below <3

Ahhh! I'm sooo excited for all the memories I get to preserve in 2015!! Woo hoo! Happy New Year Everyone!

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