Toronto Documentary Wedding Photographer // Why I Do What I Do

Last summer, my amazing business coach Jeff Jochum asked me a simple question. "So I know you love to photograph couples and weddings. But why?" Seems simple right? But I couldn't figure it out! I had to dive in deep. Into my core, my past. Of course I'm passionate about taking pictures and having the ability to preserve memories for others, but why weddings? Oh the why question... It really makes you think and question EVERYTHING. LOVE IT! I finally discovered the answer when I recently went to Colorado in December 2014 to take part in my last coaching session towards specialism. It was called Fight Club. There was a group of us that participated in it. We helped each other hone in on our message and why we do what we do. At the end of this 2 day intensive emotional workshop, it was time for Battle Royal! Each of us had to reveal our message - to a live audience - and be voted on who's message was the clearest. Feeling a little nervous and shaky, I went for it, let out everything I was feeling and even cried at the end of my presentation! It was liberating! There I was, feeling confident enough to show the world EXACTLY who I am, tell them why I do what I do and even break down crying. I was sooo stoked when I found out I won!! Woo hoo :) (that's the competitive side of me all excited - haha) I felt accepted for exactly who I am. There's nothing better than just being you, because being you is effortless :) (as Jeff always reminded me!).

So I decided to share this message with all of you and teamed up with my love, Rory, to create this video! We are both noobs at making videos - haha. This is our second video we've made together, aside from our Amazing Race Audition Video. It was so much fun working together to get this footage and Rory edited the video together! How amazing is he!?

Special thanks to Lobsang, the shop owner of Tibetan Village Store at Kensington Market for letting us spontaneously use his space to film a portion of the video! <3

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