From Meditation to Mantra

I want to share with you an experience that has improved my life :) Back in September, I was feeling disconnected from the world for some reason. I felt a fear to be myself around, not everyone, but most new people I met. I was searching for an answer. I decided to go to a meditation class at Earthworks. This being my first, I didn't know what to expect but I was open to letting go and experience what I was meant to experience. I remember the teacher saying "now choose something you are going to focus on today. what's your question to the universe?". My question was "how can I let go of judging others and the fear to approach them and just be me? effortlessly?". As the teacher led the class and led me through a journey I never knew could exist in my own mind, heart and soul, I felt as if I was getting closer and closer to the answer. I felt at peace. So relaxed. And like i was where i was meant to be in that present moment. Finally, after about half an hour, she said "your spirit guide has a mantra for you. what is it?". It took a few moments, then BAM it came rushing into my mind. It was simply, "see them as a soul". I thought this was so pure and beautiful that I took hold of it and haven't let it go. Now anytime I feel nervous about approaching/meeting someone new, or my initial instinct is to judge them, I simply tell myself, "see them as a soul". Every time, I feel a weight literally lift of my chest (that's fear flying away) and feel my heart get full with caring and love. It has enhanced my interactions with others :)



We all have the same human needs and instincts. We all crave connection and want to be loved. If you open up yourself and your heart to someone else, and a connection if formed, what do you have to be scared of? Nothing. That's just your ego talking. Tell it to get lost.

I invite you to take a peek into what has been making your heart feel a little heavier lately. Face it. See if it is something you want to grow from. If you want to blossom, you will find a way. It could be through a meditation class or something else that makes you feel at peace and inspires you. Don't put it off. Make it a priority.

Is there anything you've been struggling with in your mind lately that you want to share? Comment below. I would LOVE to hear :)

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