Backpacking Ecuador for 1 Month!

It's time for another adventure. Today I leave the familiar and comfortable behind. It's time for a challenge and to get uncomfortable! It's time to go backpacking!! :) Ecuador, it's time for me to get to know you. I want to dive in and really take in your sights, sounds, smells, traditions, people, food, wildlife, hot weather and everything else I'm meant to experience. I believe that in order to experience a good chunk of a country, you need to be there for AT LEAST 3 weeks, and I'm going for 1 month!! :) I've always dreamt of feeling like I'm settled in another country as opposed to travelling at a fast pace, and it's finally happening!! 11079762_10152782543883499_1824821473_n

I'm going with Rory to Ecuador for 2.5 weeks, then Rory is heading back home and I'm staying behind in Ecuador on my own for 2 weeks. It will be my first time travelling alone, which I'm scared for, but also very excited. I feel like it's something I need to do to grow. I tend to get shy/nervous when approaching others and I want to grow to feel at ease instead. I believe you can learn something from everyone and I want to become confident enough to not hold back and connect with others instead.

Things I'm excited for: - living a minimalist lifestyle where I only use what I have in my backpack for a whole month. - becoming even better at differentiating between needs and wants - Volunteering with Rory in exchange for accommodation and food for 5 days in the Amazon! - Spending 2.5 straight weeks with Rory!! Yayy I get him all to myself since he doesn't have to leave for work!! :) - Connecting and learning from others (travellers and locals) - Swinging on the world's craziest swing at Casa del Arbol in Banos! - Beach bumming it in hippie town Montanita :) - Documenting the beautiful landscapes, way of life, people, and couples :) - Facing the uncomfortable feeling of staying behind while Rory goes home. (I'm excited to face it because it will teach me something about myself).

I'm well known to be the one that over packs on trips. If I'm travelling for 10 days, I pack enough clothes for 20 days lol. I take with me more than I need and have a "just in case" mindset. Sitting here at the airport and experiencing travelling light so far has been soo freeing! No hair irons, make-up, nail polish, 8 shirts, 4 shorts, 2 dresses, 2 skirts, a hat, 2 pairs of shoes, sunglasses, 5 socks, 8 underwear, 3 sports bras, 3 bikinis and some other travel essentials. To have just all that for 1 month to me is a HUGE jump. But it feels soo good! :)

Have you backpacked before? Comment below & let me know where you went and a story from your adventure!! I love to connect with others that are as passionate about travel as I am! :)


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