The Key to Happiness - Simplicity

If I have learned anything on my trip so far, it's realizing that what makes me most happy is having my basic needs. I'm travelling with a backpack full of probably 1/100th of the stuff I have back at home and I can't really say I miss anything (for the exception of friends, family and the comfort of my own bed ;)). The Key to Happiness-Simplicity3

During my travels, what has made me the most happy has been, eating food when I'm hungry, drinking water when I'm thirsty, showering after a day of adventuring to feel fresh again (a hot shower is the ULTIMATE BONUS!), the comfort of the shade when hiking in the sun, and the feeling of the sun rays touching my skin after being a little cold. It's simply being with Rory, being surrounded by nature, being able to pick fruit off a tree and eat it, savoring food and eating it slowly is one of my favorite experiences - can you tell I like food? lol. Shoes make me feel like I am walking on a cloud and I'm so grateful (after hiking barefoot in the Amazon -lol- ).

The Key to Happiness-Simplicity2

It's crazy, I have not bought one materialistic thing here yet. It's been 2 weeks. In comparison to all my other travels, I would have probably bought about 3-6 things by now such a jewelry or clothes or a nick- nack, but passing by all these shops, they look empty to me, and my heart is full. I feel like I'm finally transforming and maturing to understand the source of my happiness and I urge you to go on your own journey to find yours! It doesn't have to be somewhere across the world. It could just be in your heart, in your home, your community, your friends and family. Just pay attention to the little signs that make your heart sing. If you feel great after doing something, that is what you should be doing daily or more often. If you feel a negative energy in your body, like the feeling of over spending on clothes when shopping, or how your body and mind feels after stuffing your face with fast food, that feeling is the sign letting you know that those things are not what really make you happy. True joy lasts.

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What helps me battle laziness, cravings or temptations, is remembering the feeling I get after a certain action. For instance, If I'm having a difficult time getting myself up to go to yoga, I remember how AMAZING I feel during and after. That gets my ass up in no time and I'm off to yoga! If I'm staring at the chip isle in the grocery store (ohh mann, my nemesis lol), I remember how shitty I feel after I eat the bag (because once I have 1, I can't stop). I take a breath, fool my brain and tell it "another time" and walk away. Of course I give in sometimes and I'm not perfect, BUT I give in A LOT, LIKE ALOT, less than I used to. The place you call home also affects your lifestyle in a HUGE way. If you surround yourself with the city, you'll have more temptation, if you live further out, less. It's setting up for success! I'm experiencing this first hand in my travels. In the Amazon, I knew there was no way of getting cheese (I'm obsessed with cheese), so it didn't cross my mind and I was so happy eating the food there because it satisfied my hunger. When we went to Banos which is more of a city, walking past shops was tempting in the first couple of days, but I asked myself, do I really need this? NO. Done. Simple. Thus my life, mind, body, spirit has less clutter and experiences less attachment.

It's a journey. It takes time for anything to grow in this universe and it's the same for all of us. So WHEN you fail, treat it as a lesson and don't let your ego put you down (that little voice in your head that tells you you're not good enough). Ignore your thoughts because they just create false stories in your mind. You are strong. You have the gift of free will to choose. If you choose a happy, healthy, energized life, I believe that you are strong enough to overcome the false pleasures that surround us by just learning along the way :)

The Key to Happiness-Simplicity

What are some of the simple things in life that make your heart happy? Let's start a conversation and inspire each other! Comment below! :)

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