Change = Growth

The last half a year have been full of HUGE changes. I chose to re-brand and specialize my business, I finally woke up and moved on from my previous relationship which I was just settling in (I was scared to leave because I was worried I wouldn't find someone else who would love me as much or more OR that I wouldn't find the partner that I've always wanted. it was also hard to let go of a 10 year old friendship), I met the guy of my dreams, like seriously!, finally moved out of my parents house after living with them for 24 years, moved in with Rory in a town I'm just in love with (Georgetown!), have decided to travel alone for the first time (it was a short amount of time -2 weeks- but a big step for me) AND my parents sold the house which I've lived in for 12 years so they can downsize!11100972_10152851815178499_2095752071_n Being VERY sentimental, I always thought I would have my room to go back to whenever I wanted, but now the house is sold and the new owners have officially moved in. It was hard to say goodbye to it right before I left to travel. There were so many memories made there and it broke my heart knowing that there can't be more made in that house. Not only that, but my parents wouldn't be my roommates anymore ever again! Of course I was ready to move on, but it took me some time to let go of that huuuge chapter in my life. It's also a weird feeling knowing that whenever I drive by that house, I can never go back in. On a positive note, it has definitely taught me to not stay attached to material things in this world and that home is where Rory, my family, my friends, and wherever else my heart feels happy :)



This is a picture of the last moments in my room which was my haven for 12 years. Since I moved, it had none of my things left of mine so it oddly didn't feel like my space anymore. It was just staged to help sell the house. Here, I felt detached and I was ready to move on.

Change was scary to me. I like my comfort. I like the familiar. I think everyone does to some degree. On this trip it was time for me to get uncomfortable with change so that I could get comfortable with it -haha. While travelling by myself I've forced myself to walk up to people I didn't know and chat with them (normally I'm so terrified of this but it's not so bad now!). I actually enjoy meeting people randomly now because I see it as serendipitous. Plus, you can learn something from anyone.. and learning is SO MUCH FUN! :) As another challenge, I've also forced myself to switch where I'm staying overnight. Whenever I noticed myself getting comfortable in one hostel, I observed how I felt when I thought of moving to another one and it made me uncomfortable of the unknown, so..that's when I moved to another hostel. Thanks to these challenges, I've become so much more open and accepting of my surroundings changing. I have realized that change ALWAYS leads to something good. It could take a minute or years. Now if I feel fear in me about a change, I'll just remind myself that it will just lead me to another amazing adventure in life! I am beyond ecstatic to flow through life now with this new perspective!


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