I'm Off On an Adventure in Alberta!

It’s time for another adventure for me! I’m off to Alberta today to shoot Seanna + Tim’s wedding on Saturday in Edmonton + do some exploring around Jasper while I’m there! I’ve never been west of Ontario, so I’m super excited to get to know Canada better! I can’t believe I’m going to get to experience the Canadian Rockies!! Ahhhh! :) Funny thing is, I’m actually a little nervous. Reason being, I really want to do a hike by myself on this trip, but I’ve never actually hiked a trail on my own! It scares the shit out of me that I might go in the wrong direction and get lost, or come by a wild animal. I know it may sound crazy. People do hikes alone all the time, but I’m just paranoid. I hope I can face this fear on this adventure! I’ve got my pots ready to bang loudly if need be and a flashlight to shine in their eyes so they stay the F&$^ away – haha. I actually got this advice from a girl who was busking in Georgetown (out of all places).



It’s crazy, as I was walking out of the mall thinking about whether or not I should do a hike, I noticed her on my right, strumming away on her banjo. I was in a rush that day checking off my long to-do list, but something urged me to slow down, give her some money and ask her about her journey. I found out that she is making her way from the west coast to the east coast to record an album and that she is origionally from Calcary, Alberta. HA! How funny is that!? I told her my fear and she said, “3 pieces of advice…pots and pans to bang on if a wild animal is approaching to scare them away, a flash light to shine in a mountain lion’s eyes, and a compass of course.” I thanked her and wished her all the best on her journey……annnnnnd quickly proceeded to the Wal-Mart next door to buy a handy-dandy flashlight :)

If any of you have any tips for me for hiking, or even places to check out/visit near Edmonton + Jasper please let me know in the comment box below!! Recommendations are the shit and much appreciated! :)

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