Toronto Documentary Wedding Photographer - Sara Monika

I’m soo thrilled to be sharing this video created by the wonderful Caileigh! It fills me up with so much positive emotion watching it because I feel as though Caileigh captured me perfectly and it reminds me of how far I have come since I decided to follow my heart and start my business just over 4 years ago. I'm grateful to be exactly where I am, and excited for all the growth to come! If I were choosing a photographer for my own wedding, I wouldn’t just want to read an “about me” page to get to know who they are (although I REALLY appreciate a vulnerable “about me” page). I would LOVE the chance to see a video of them. To see their personality shine and get to know what they are passionate about! To understand WHY they do what they do. This is why I wanted to create a video. To show you all who I am in a whole other dimension and for you all to get a peek into what’s it’s like on a shoot with me! P.S. I TOTALLY fell hard off my bike trying to do a little jump during the shoot and scraped my knee and hands open. The rest of the shoot was filmed with lululemon capris and a bandage full of blood undernearth - haha!

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Toronto Documentary Wedding Photographer for Free-Spirited, Bohemian & Adventurous Couples - GTA, Toronto, Edmonton, Alberta, Worldwide, International, Destination