Do Something You Love For Yourself

I believe that in order to live a happy life, you need to carve out time for yourself at least once a day. You need to spend time doing something that you enjoy or are passionate about. For the whole summer I’ve been mountain biking with Rory, I’d say on average once per week/2 weeks. Since I work from home, I had the idea of going biking on country roads during the day as a break from work in the summer. Guess what. I haven’t done it once...until yesterday. I realized that it’s almost fall and I still haven’t done what I really wanted to do! Why? Because I always thought there were more important things to do, or I told myself I’d do it next week. Well, the summer flew by and I didn’t go biking by myself once. Yesterday was amazing. I worked and gave myself a limit of how much I had to do so that I could make time to go for a bike ride. It felt so good to actually put in the effort to go out and do it! My heart started to pump, legs were burning, the sun was beating down on me creating the sweat beads dripping off my body. It was hard work, but the music was my aid and helped me focus. The wind hitting my body as I biked was glorious! I randomly smelt the scent of pine trees as I whizzed by and I felt at peace. Biking to me is like meditation. It’s intense yet calm at the same time. I’m so glad I did that yesterday <3


Step 1: Choose something that will feed your soul Pick something you'd love to do that is realistic. Something you already have easy access too. It can be overwhelming to think of having to go out and buying something in order to make it happen. Maybe you just want to go for a run...your shoes are right there, or take 30 minutes to read...your books are right there waiting for you!

Step 2: Schedule it in Write it down in your calendar or anywhere where it will make you feel accountable. That small but simple step makes such a huge difference! It shows that it means something to you if you put in the effort to write it down. Now, if you don't end up doing it, you won't feel the best about it, but if you do, you will feel sooo amazing! And to put a check mark beside it is even more exciting lol

Step 3: Don't think. Just Do. You wrote it down for a reason. You really want to do it. Laziness kicks in and starts a conversation in your head that is full of excuses. Don't have that conversation. Just keep ignoring the voice full of excuses and remember how AMAZING you will feel after. I promise you will!

Emergency, Step 4: If all else fails, trick yourself. I do this if I'm really feeling low energy. For example if I'm tired but know I want to and should go to yoga I tell myself, "sara you are going there just to lie on your mat. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do". Then once I'm there, I start moving and I feel more energized! Or if i want to go for a run, "sara, you are just running down to the end of your street and back". This works alll the time! Because my mind doesn't get so overwhelmed with the run ahead of me. Once I get to the end of my street, I'm feeling good and I want to keep going :)


Now it’s your turn. What do you really want to do for yourself today or tomorrow? Make it a point to write it down so you are accountable for it. Think of how amazing you will feel after you do it! It’s only the initial momentum building to start doing it that's hard.You are stronger than that. Once you’re doing it, you're in your zone. In your own trance that is feeding your soul!

If not NOW, then when?



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