Toronto Documentary Wedding Photographer - Best Moments of 2015!

This is one of my favorite posts to write! I love looking back at the year. It's like I finished a chapter in a book and now I get to admire everything I've experienced + learned. It's also so rewarding to look at all the memories I've documented for others. It feels like a huge mission was accomplished. Now I get to give my eyes and hands, and well let's face it, my whole body a break from shooting so often up until May. But there are still a lot of things happening behind the scenes every day. Always something to do and I love it! (Follow me on Snapchat to see the unflitered behind the scenes : saramonikaphoto).

Some of the places I got to shoot in 2015 were Alberta (Edmonton, Jasper),  Ecuador (Canoa), Muskoka, Caledon, Schomberg, Guelph, Hamilton, Peterborough, Elora Gorge, Centre Island, Bradford, Haliburton, Ajax, Barrie, and of course Downtown Toronto. Being stimulated by being surrounded by unique locations all the time makes me feel alive :) This year is looking great too! It seems that some of my career goals such as shooting in Europe may come true! Keeping my fingers crossed!! :)

Let's start with the Outtakes!

Tia + Johnny are prone to sweaty foreheads, so this was bound to happen on their wedding day lol

They were this excited about Wild Vines Strawberry wine :)

Sometimes (most of the time) the getting ready part is't so glamorous haha

I think she was thirsty =P

I think it was so good he wanted to just shove it all in his face?

Fiance on a mission: must .get. food. out. of. his. teeth.

Ha! This person was probably driving by thinking "WTF?"

Annnnd the canoe tipped over, near the end of their session, and this is how they reacted <3 <3 <3 <3

To be honest, not quite sure what happened here, but too cute not to post!

It's the new thing to do to members of your bridal party now. Feed them hay.

"Ok guys, can you lay in the leaves? Ok got the shot we're good you can get up now"....LOL

She LOOOVES walking around barefoot and doesn't like it when he wears took charge lol

I don't know why, but I told them to walk like elk towards the forest and they did :)

Oh boy. So yea. This is what she can do with her feet LOL

It's not what it looks like guys I swear. There's a microphone there lol

And this is how couples end up looking when they are watching a movie together

Football tackle!

Just because he felt like it... lol


So Jelena fell straight on her back, but laughed the whole way through. And that's why I love her :)


Trespassing to get epic shots <3

Bartenders couldn't help it but break it down!

A great reason to interrupt a family photo :)

It was so hot that it was time to get super friendly with the fan :) Oops! Fly was down! haha

Dad just let everyone know she was going to sing for them, and this was her reaction lol Laughed so hard that she spit up! lol

Bottoms up yo! Water was getting in his face at the barber shop and he couldn't stop giggling lol

First time I've seen a groom get ready from the trunk of his car! :)

Just someone biking through as they were being randomly lovey dovey with each other in the middle of the bridge lol

The Adorable

Mom got really emotional and they shared a nice long hug for a whole minute! Leslie reading a note from her husband to be before seeing each other <3

The way she looked at his after their first kiss <3 This is how Tia's bridesmaids reacted to Tia dancing with her dad <3

They got married where Savannah went to school for ballet ever since she was a little girl. They had their first dance right there on that dance floor, and when he spun her, this was her reaction <3

Seeing Seanna in her dress for the 1st time!


So excited to see her granddaughter!

Grandma seeing Tia in her dress for the 1st time! This was a special moment for me too because she used to babysit us together all the time! Oh Nonna <3

She was just beaming with excitement <3

Mom feeling super emotional while seeing her daughter all dressed up to get married <3

Cuddles <3

It's a special powerful moment when you're finally all ready to go marry the partner of your dreams <3

Sharing a laugh with her mum

Such a sweet first kiss!

Cuddles on the ferry from centre island while enjoy the view of Toronto + the sunset together

Just hanging out with his bud before he has to get ready <3

First dance in their backyard. So intimate + special!

These two are so adorable the way they giggle with each other all the time!

First dance <3 So romantic!

I know Tia since we were in grade 1. To be able to be there to document her day + to see her so happy was so freakin special to me!

These two and the golden light. Magical!

This connection <3

They both love to read, tell stories and have reading marathons outdoors chillin on a blanket <3

Cuddles <3

Just giggling away <3

Bookworms in a bookstore <3

He is always in such awe of her!

The way he held her when she was a little scared of the horses <3

They met in this EXACT spot at the bar in Gladstone Hotel

They way they are so into each other!

Little Rachel getting prettified for the wedding!

And checking herself out in the mirror! Oi!

Magical 1st kiss <3

They have season tickets to the Ed Mirvish Theatre in Toronto. Naturally I had to document them in their element :)

These two snuggling it up at a drive-in

These two got so excited when I got us up to the top deck on the ferry to Centre Island!!

Couples being so in love with each other at weddings <3

The Partay

One of the brides decided to rock out with the band!

Never to early to get on the dancefloor!

The groom rocking out with his band on stage at The Great Hall at his own wedding reception!! :)

Just for laughs :)Yay for sparklers!! :)

Really funny speeches <3

Bold dance moves!Butt grabbing action. Always a good idea.

Everyone formed a circle around them for their first dance at

Just some of my faves!

Eloping at White Spruce Park!The way the wind swept through her hair <3

Goofy antics while getting ready Cute cuddle session in their home <3 Everyone seeing her in her green dress for the first time! She was glowing!Sister bonding time!He used to walk her to work every morning along lakeshore <3

Just WOW. Jasper you have our hearts!They love going to the farmer's market every Saturday morning together <3

Running off into the sunset lol

The boys having breakfast before getting ready for the wedding

I thought she was ticklish, but I was wrong

Free-spirits exploring nature <3

They are both from the states and moved to Ecuador together!

Having the whole Canoe Museum in Peterborough to themselves <3

A bonfire to warm up at the end of their session

Putting on a backpack, grabbing a stick and exploring Ecuador together

The cottage where they got engaged <3

Jelena laughing so hard that she was smacking the table lol

Let's just chop some wood to start off the session right in Jasper lol

So into each other during their first dance!

I love documenting those simple in between moments full of love + laughter

Epic cheers at The Great Hall

Seeing her bride for the first time!

Little free-spirit twirling in the streets <3

They totally just did this randomly as they were walking. Seriously!? I love the people I get to photograph <3

She was feeling a little romantic during the speeches <3

I can't believe that this beautiful location is in Brampton! (White Spruce Park)

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