Documentary Wedding Photography Mentoring Sessions

Mentoring Sessions

Mentoring Sessions

Recently my friend (who is also a photographer) decided to dive into the wedding photography world. She fell in love with photographing love + moments, and said to me "NOW I get it. I get why you do what you do". Naturally, I became excited for the journey she had ahead of her. That meant I got to relive building a business all over again - living vicariously through her of course. I made it known to her that if she had any questions at all, I was there and happy to answer them!

So the questions came. I answered. Some more questions came. I answered some more. Before I knew it, I was getting extremely excited every time she fired them my way. I realized I got excited because I had so much to share. I could keep talking and talking and talking. I would go off on tangents + give her advice on topics totally unrelated to the questions she asked. And I kept talking and talking and, you get the picture. I digress. (I feel cool now that I was finally able to use "I digress" in a sentence. For the love of Buddha I finally know what that means!! Thank you Podcasts for slowly improving my vocabulary! I digress...again.)

I'm thrilled to announce that after some thought, I've decided to open up mentoring sessions to those  which already have their own portrait photography business who are looking to grow their business in the direction of their dreams. These mentoring sessions are aimed at photographers who aim to take a documentary style approach to their work.

A List of Mentoring Sessions to Choose From

~ My approach when shooting (my strategy behind documenting genuine expressions + moments)

~ How to attract your ideal client that you'll actually connect with + have fun working with

~ Forming a Connection with your Clients (making them feel super comfortable with you + you comfortable with them)

~ How to plant, cultivate + harvest trust with your clients

~ Tips for Ultimate Referrals + Marketing Techniques

~ Workflow – How I am able to turnaround wedding photographs in under 3 weeks + stay organized during busy season while keeping a life balance. (I have 29 weddings this year)

~ How to shoot during golden hour (in person shooting + photo critique afterwards)

~ How I cull + edit my images efficiently

~ Website + Photo Critique (I suggest text edits + critique your images on your site, suggesting which ones you should keep + which ones to say farewell to)

~ How to price your work for profit

Each session is uniquely priced + can be held either in person or over Skype. They can also be combined if you want to learn more in one day! Reach out to me via email so we can chat through there! >

I'm soo excited to get together with you and share my knowledge + experience that I've accumulated over time! I absolutely love helping others grow towards becoming the photographer they aspire to be <3

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