Intimate Summer Backyard Wedding in Ontario | Sonia + Eric

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Sonia and Eric celebrated their special day with a beautiful and heartfelt intimate lakeside wedding ceremony in Ontario. There's something about being close to nature that suddenly awakens our most genuine emotions allowing to feel that childlike joy for things again. I loved seeing that every step of the way when photographing this outdoor wedding.

While it wasn't the sunniest of days, the clouds didn't cast a shadow over how absolutely full of warmth and joy the whole wedding day was. Everyone's raw emotions emitted so much affection and a feeling of togetherness. There was no holding back on how everyone felt about each other and you could really see that in the small things -the way people held each other's hands and gently lay their heads on partners' shoulders.

The laid-back cottage vibe carried through the day and everyone was at such ease in the cozy setting. The guys got ready in a room full of hockey memorabilia, surely not being able to keep a straight face -and why would they, when it's your best friend getting married? So many stories and laughter got things off to a great start. I could see the same thing with the girls -genuine excitement while getting ready. Just look at how happy Sonia is putting on her wedding dress! The contrasts between the feminine and the rustic also looked fantastic -girls in their long dresses against the wooden backdrop with plaid elements. Loved that!

The wedding ceremony took place by the lake under a beautiful tree. There was so much love in the air. You didn't have to wait long before things got emotional. As Sonia walked down the aisle, there were not only tears of joy, but also laughter, and smiles everywhere you looked.

The cocktail hour continued by the lake as everyone rolled up their sleeves to have a bit of fun playing games and skipping stones in the water.

Just before the reception I was able to steal Sonia and Eric away from everyone to not only take some photographs of the newlyweds but also give them a few moments of uninterrupted togetherness. It was truly something to witness how comfortable and in love they are with each other and the serene environment with nature all around couldn't have been more perfect for that.

The tented reception felt very intimate and had the most amazing vibe going on. Full of not only tearful speeches but also hilarious speeches that filled the room with belly laughs. Once it got dark, a roaring fire lit up the space and perfectly complemented the cottage wedding vibe. Everyone was unstoppable on the dance floor, dancing the night away under the starlit sky. The groom even showed his wild side by ripping his shirt off -now that's a party if I've ever seen one.

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Wedding Vendors:
Florist - AM Floral
Wedding dress - David's Bridal
Bridesmaid dresses - Lulus
Mic & Dpeaker Rental - Melody Music
Tent Rental - Lauzon Tent Rental