Katie + Britney's Relaxed Lakeside Wedding


Katie + Britney's relaxed lakeside wedding in Ontario was freakin' magical! They got married in Stouffville, Ontario by Musselman’s Lake and since they both love spending time outdoors, the location couldn’t have been more perfect. The leafy surroundings and the nearby lake instantly set the mood.

The relaxed vibes started right from the morning when the girls were getting ready, hanging out and having a good time with their closest friends and family. Even their two amazing dogs were there with them the whole time.

They had their first look privately and quietly in the beautiful forest area with the sun peeking through the trees. Katie got teary-eyed and Britney was so comforting with her -smiling, laughing, and holding her.

The ceremony, too, was very emotional. During the vows, Katie couldn't hold back her tears - I saw how much love there was between the two of them.

After the ceremony, it was all about a full-on celebration. Britney even did a fist pump. I love these little moments that show personality. It was time for hugs and champagne with all their favorite people. Nobody forgot about the dogs, too.

In their engagement questionnaire, I asked them to list their love languages and Britney literally wrote:

1.Physical touch

2.Physical touch

3.Physical touch

4.Physical touch

5.Physical touch

I thought it was so funny and took a mental note of that. At sunset, I asked if they wanted to cuddle by the lake and both were so excited, saying, “Oh my gosh, YES! We definitely want to cuddle. Sara, we love you, how do you know we love cuddling each other so much?” I loved that!

After the sunset, the celebration continued. Everyone loved the lantern release into the night sky while making a wish. That was so intimate and special. And while everyone was partying and dancing the night away, the best part was taking shots. No, quite literally. They had a shot ski there and everyone had so much fun with it, I still can't stop smiling when looking back at it.

Katie + Britney's reaction after seeing their photos:

"We have not stopped smiling since watching the slideshows and viewing the pictures! You are absolutely incredible. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you. You have no idea how amazing each and every photo is to us."

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Wedding Vendors:
Wedding Coordinator - Kiss the Cook Catering
Cake - Dairy Queen
Make-Up + Hair - Christina Fiori Make Up & Hair
Caterer - Kiss the Cook Catering
Rentals - Gervais Party Rentals