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I believe that sidewalks should be made of sand/grass + that heels shouldn't exist because they keep you from exploring.

Whenever I'm feeling out of balance, crystals, sage, mediation + being active come to my rescue :)

Being a rebel at heart, I believe that there's not one right way for everyone to live their lives, so I do a thing called what I want.

I believe that every country should have an autobahn; my speed demon needs room to breathe.

If I have some free time for myself, I binge on personal development and cheese.

I can't burp (I know such a shocker!), so my go-to drinks are white wine, whiskey sours or sippin' on tequila/bourbon.


I believe vulnerability cultivates connection.


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But wait, there's more... 


I have been known to fake diarrhea in the bushes to get out of a ticket. (details by request only)

I wear my hair in a braid ONLY when I'm too lazy to do my hair...oh wait, that's all the time.

I believe that who we are, is the result of what we have thought...deep, I know. Thank you Buddha for that insightful knowledge.

I believe in unconditional love because there is no better feeling knowing that you are in each other's lives forever. (sadly, I actually watch The Bachelorette/Bachelor in the hopes of seeing two people fall in love)

I believe that the things you own end up owning you. #experiencesoverposessions


And a wee bit more...

Hiking the Annapurna Circuit with Rory in Nepal for 2.5 weeks was one of the most challenging but most rewarding trips I've taken!

I LOVE splashing in puddles when it rains!

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