Then & Now - My Growth as a Photographer

Every one of us is our own worst critic. There is always that little voice telling us we are not good enough which adds to our self doubt whether we like it or not. It is up to us to let that thought pass or linger on while it hinders our perception. As a photographer, I found myself doubting my talent before and after sessions/weddings. I had butterflies in my tummy and thoughts such as "What if I forget their names, what if I don't get any good ideas, what if they don't think I'm funny and I can't make them genuinely laugh, what if the kids don't co-operate, what if they don't like any of the photos I take, what if...what if" ran through my head. I was even nervous about asking people to pay me for my services! I thought $50 was a lot to charge for a family session!! This was all a result of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of rejection. I thought it would last forever throughout my whole career, but, I loved photography and capturing priceless memories for people too much to quit. I decided that if this anxiety was the price I would have to pay to do what I love, I'll deal with it.

2013 has been my busiest year yet bar far! Every session/wedding I photographed, I found myself feeling more and more confident with my experience, knowledge and talent! Many of the things I need to do in order to create beautiful photographs have become second nature to me and that includes remembering names, following my gut instinct on my creative ideas, being at the right place at the right time, patience, making people smile/laugh, and knowing that my clients hired me because they loved my work, therefore, of course they will love their photos :)

While putting a hard drive to rest in my safe with the past 4 years of work safely intact, I decided to have a look at some older work. I came across my first wedding I ever photographed! Now, I would never take on a wedding myself with no experience. I would never be that irresponsible with someone's wedding day. At this wedding I was the 2nd photographer for the gentleman who sold me my equipment at Henry's. He knew I really wanted to get into wedding and portrait photography, so he decided to help me get some experience under my belt. Below are some direct comparisons of similar situations from the year 2010 (my first wedding) and 2013. I'm so happy to say that by seeing this comparison, I finally truly feel that I am a PROFESSIONAL photographer. I know now that I am good enough and it feels great!

DSC_2693 DSC_2699


If you are a photographer, I would love to start a discussion on some of your fears as a photographer. Maybe we can help each other see the light :) Comment below!

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