Lauren + Bart's Forks of the Credit Engagement Session

I couldn't wait to share this one with you all! I finally found my dream spot for photographs which consists of rows upon rows of trees perfectly lined up which helped me create some beautiful symmetrical photographs for Lauren and Bart! We started off at Forks of the Credit. Lauren and Bart had a great idea to bring along Bart's acoustic guitar and ukulele! They started to play along together and sing it was so cute! I was thoroughly entertained :) Mind you, Lauren mentioned that she had no idea how to play guitar or ukulele, but her free styling turned out great! We ended up chasing the sun towards an open field where they cuddled, threw around a football, and went for a little stroll. I loved documenting their love :) Lauren and Bart's engagement photos are also featured on The Wedding Atlas blog and Hi-Fi Weddings blog and Wedding Colors blog! Sarunia Photography-5337 Sarunia Photography-5342 Sarunia Photography-5363 Sarunia Photography-5370 Sarunia Photography-5376 Sarunia Photography-5388 Sarunia Photography-5393 Sarunia Photography-5422 Sarunia Photography-5428 Sarunia Photography-5447 Sarunia Photography-5460 Sarunia Photography-5461 Sarunia Photography-5463 Sarunia Photography-5466 Sarunia Photography-5475 Sarunia Photography-5517 Sarunia Photography-5650 Sarunia Photography-5657 Sarunia Photography-5681 Sarunia Photography-5685 Sarunia Photography-5688 Sarunia Photography-5699 Sarunia Photography-5703 Sarunia Photography-5723 Sarunia Photography-5756 Sarunia Photography-5760 Sarunia Photography-5783 Sarunia Photography-5795 Sarunia Photography-5801 Sarunia Photography-5813 Sarunia Photography-5817 Sarunia Photography-5828 Sarunia Photography-5831


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