Email Templates for Wedding Photographers

Email Templates for Wedding Photographers


✔ 23 email templates included! (scroll down to see which ones are included)

✔ Each email template includes an explanation of WHY I respond that way

✔ A Word doc file so you can easily copy and paste text


I remember when I first started my business. I noticed that I was wasting so much time typing the same responses over + over again. I started to create canned responses for myself that I could copy into an email + customize it for each client. This has saved me LOADS of time! Emails are less daunting as a result :)

I also created these email templates to show you that you can respond by being yourself + while being strategic with how you respond. This way, you can serve couples well, but also have boundaries in place to have a healthy work/life balance.

Responding with love + care goes a long way. Whether it’s to a couple inquiring, a client, or even someone that you’re not available for. It’s important to respond in a way that makes them feel well taken care of!

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✔ Wedding Inquiry

✔ Wedding Inquiry –
Need to Charge Travel Fee For Driving

✔ Destination Wedding Inquiry

✔ Wedding Inquiry Not Sure What Venue

✔ Why I'm Priced Higher

✔ When My Pricing Is Higher Than When Their Friend Booked Me for their Wedding in the Past

✔ Venue Not The Right Fit

✔ Already Booked

✔ Booked Up For Sessions/Weddings

✔ Asking For Second Photographer

✔ My Response To a Couple that Want to Meet Up to see if I am a Good Fit for Them

✔ Follow Up When I Haven't Heard Back


✔ Ready To Book

✔ Got Another Inquiry for the Same
Date When Couple is Ready to Book

✔ When 2 Couples Are Interested In
Booking At the Same Time

✔ Saying No When Asked for Raw Files

✔ Shot List or Pinterest – NO

✔ Venue Visit – NO

✔ Sending Wedding Day
Photo Timeline I Put Together

✔ Reminder that Their Remaining
Balance is Due in 2 Weeks

✔ Touching Base 1 Week Before
Their Wedding Date

✔ When I Send my Couples Their
Gallery with Their Wedding Photos

✔ Asking Clients For a Google Review